It is easy and hassle free to sell your items on eBay with our help

This is how it can work for you in just a few simple steps

1. Contact us with information on what you wish to sell, how quickly you need it to be sold and where you are located. We will respond within 24 hours

2. We will organise a date and time that suits you for us to come and collect any item/s that you want to sell. Furniture and larger items will be photographed at your location and the buyer will collect from you
Alternatively items can be sent to us for as little as £6

3. We will sort through items collected. Photograph them and start work on creating professional ebay listings. Auction items will be listed on a Thursday evening for 10 days starting at 99p unless discussed otherwise

4. We will provide you with a link to be able to view the items being sold so you can watch their progress

5. Items will be stored until sold

6. We will answer any questions from potential buyers

7. Items sold will be packaged up safely and dispatched to buyers

8. Buyers have a two week period where they can return an item. Once this two week period is up funds will be processed to you as long as there are no returns or problems with the item/s

9. We will pay you by either BACS bank transfer or cheque. Payments are processed on the last day of every month unless otherwise agreed

10. Along with payment you will receive a sales receipt listing each item, how much it sold for and the fees deducted

Some more information

Generally we usually list all items on ebay starting at 99p. Through experience we have found this gets best results
It has been known in the past to have listed items starting at a high price, the item didnt sell. Re listed at 99p and the item sold for more than the original asking price.

If you wish to start your item/s at a higher price or put a reserve on your item then please do let us know

We often recommend to auction your items off as it is hard to judge the value of certain items
Just as an example we sold an antique coal weighing device that was found in a barn for a client. Our client wanted to sell it for at least £30. The item was listed for 10 days with a starting price of 99p. It sold for £205

Auction listings are best listed on ebay for 10 days but if you need your item/s sold quicker then items can be listed for 1, 3, 5 or 7 days

We only accept items that have an estimated value of at least £20 each item. If however you have a large amount of items that vary in value with low and high values then we can be flexible with this

If you have any questions or would like to discuss different steps in selling your items please do contact us
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have

Some items we’ve previously sold

Audio Mixer
Old Fooball
Remote Control Motorbike
Kitchen Pots
Pearl Necklace

Got something you’d like to sell? Give us a yell!