Selling a car, motorbike or other vehicle

Selling a vehicle couldnt be easier

Sell your car, van, motorbike, caravan, camper or any other vehicle with ease

Ebay is the best and most competitive place to sell your vehicle attracting buyers from all over the UK

Get the maximum price possible for your car with very little effort as we deal with everything from taking professional photographs of your vehicle, creating professional appealing descriptive ebay listings and answering any potential buyers questions

We will come to you and photograph your vehicle
Take down all relevent information about your vehicle and then list it on Ebay

Your vehicle can either be auctioned off or listed as a buy it now fixed price

Fees for selling a vehicle are different to the standard YouYelliSell fees and explained below

We have a fixed fee of £50 that we charge for selling any vehicle
On top of our fee Ebay will charge a £10 upfront non refundable fee for listing a vehicle
When the vehicle sells Ebay will then charge a final value fee which will depend on the selling price as follows
£0.01 – £1,999 = £20
£2000 – £3,499 = 1%
£3500+ = £35

To add a reserve the fee is an extra £7.99

The buyer of the vehicle can either pay by cash on collection or Paypal whichever you would prefer. Paypal will however charge an extra fee of 3.4%

If you have a vehicle that is worth under £200 then we can sell it for you at a commission rate of 25%
(This does not include ebay fees)

So just for example if we sold a vehicle for you for £1500 with a standard auction or buy it now listing with no reserve the total cost in fees will be £80. You will simply receive £1420 providing the buyer can pay cash. If the buyer pays by Paypal then Paypal will have a fee of 3.4%

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions in regards to selling your vehicle on ebay we are always happy to help

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Got something you’d like to sell? Give us a yell!